How to Fight a Los Angeles Hit and Run

Many of our posts address the law, potential arguments and potential consequences. Whereas these are very important concerns that a client would have, it is also important to understand how our strategy works and how we fight for your rights.


When a client first comes into our office, we want to not only review the documents they have been given, but also want to know the client’s story. We want to discuss the facts of your case, your perspective and your thoughts on the matter. We also want to know about your background, your ties with the community, your friends and your interests. This helps us build your case against the Prosecutors.

Review of the Case:

Once you have retained our firm, we want to take an in depth look at the police report and we want to send out the appropriate subpoena request for discovery. Doing so allows us to obtain the police records, surveillance and other important pieces of evidence prior to the hearing. We also want to call the Prosecutor and have a discussion as to what their offer is going to be. With their offer in mind, and our legal experience we will assess the facts of your case and potential defenses.

Proactive Steps:

We like to act proactively before you even appear before a Judge. This may mean that we want you to enroll in certain classes or volunteer programs to show that you are serious about the charge. We also want to gather recommendations from people that you know and people in your community.

Civil Compromise:

One of the biggest things we want to do as your Los Angeles Hit and Run Lawyer is to contact the person or property owner to which the injuries or damage were made. Once we have started discussions we want to negotiate with the person to make sure they are reimbursed and amends have been made. Once they have, we can prepare a civil compromise to present to the Court. This states to the Court that amends have been made and there is no reason to file charges against you. Oftentimes, this can lead to a reduction or dismissal of your case.


When you have an attorney representing you, in most cases you will not have to appear in Court. If it is a misdemeanor case, the attorney can appear on your behalf. This saves you the time and stress of having to come to court when it is your time to appear before the Judge. Of course, at no time will an offer be taken or plea entered without your consent and understanding. If you face Hit and Run Charges, it is a good idea to let an experienced Hit and Run Lawyer guide you through the steps of the case. Their expertise and reputation can make the experience much simpler for you.