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Many of our clients mistakenly believe that if they wait long enough after a hit and run incident, that charges may never be filed against them. In reality, prolonging action can result in negative consequences to your case. Being proactive, when there may have been an incident that leads to a Los Angeles Hit and Run, can help your case get dismissed. Part of being proactive is to retain a Los Angeles Hit and Run lawyer as soon as possible.

The best way to explain how being proactive works, is by considering two contrasting examples.

David was driving home from work one day. It was late, he was tired, and it was pouring rain. In the rain he hit a parked car without seeing it. Tired from work and it being late, David drove home thinking he would deal with the problem later. The next morning, he was late for work and it was raining again. Days passed to weeks, and David soon forgot about the incident. He felt that because the police department, or the person whose car was damaged had not contacted him, there was no need to “stir the pot”. He figured he would wait until someone brought it up and then address it. Sure enough, in about three months the police department contacts David. He appears before the investigating officer on his own, and states on the record that he does not remember what happened, and that he was not involved. Officers have evidence that David hit the parked car and do not necessarily need David’s statement to press charges. However, officers are upset that David is blatantly avoiding responsibility, and made no amends to pay for the damages. The victim is also upset that David is denying fault, and has made no effort to fix the damages. The move forward with pressing charges.

If you have been suspected to have committed a Los Angeles Hit and Run, officers will contact you for a statement. They may contact you via telephone, letter or even come in person and request an interview. This interview is crucial, as all the statements that you give during it could be used as evidence against you. This statement will also determine whether prosecutors will file charges against you.

So why have an experienced and knowledgeable Los Angeles Hit and Run lawyer on your team? Well, for several different important reasons. First being that an attorney will appear at the interview with you, to assure that you only make statements that cannot be harmful to you in the future. They may guide the conversation so that it is cooperative and within procedure, but does not incriminate you in any way. This is the best kind of peace of mind you can get, rather than being anxious and nervous and making a statement that will assure charges against you.

Further, experienced attorneys, like those at Hoffman & Associates have been handling Hit and Run cases in the Los Angeles area for over thirty years. They know the officers and the prosecutors. This is especially crucial to your case, because knowing the officers helps attorneys predict the questions that will be asked, what answers will be appreciated, and what will help prevent charges altogether.

If you’ve been involved in a Hit and Run accident you may be scared, confused and torn over what to do next. You should call my office because it’s never a good idea to turn yourself in. With our knowledge of the law and more than 30 years of experience representing those in Los Angeles Hit and Run accidents, we may be able to help you put this behind you without an arrest and with minimal disruption to your life.

Do you walk into a dark room without turning on the lights? If so you can’t see anything. You may trip and hurt yourself. Walking into a police station after a Hit and Run accident is like walking into a dark room. You probably don’t know the law and you don’t know what the police know about the accident. You may end up doing and saying things that will make your situation worse.

Los Angeles County has about ten million residents and more than eight million vehicles registered within its borders. There aren’t enough police officers, prosecutors and judges to fully investigate all Hit and Run accidents, arrest, charge and try all the people who caused them. That’s good news for our clients. Our job is to help you become one of those who won’t face criminal charges.