Benefits of Hiring a San Diego Hit and Run Attorney to Protect You

If you were involved in an auto accident in the city of San Diego, and left the scene without exchanging information (regardless of fault) with the other party, you could be charged with a San Diego Hit and Run.

If you find yourself in this type of situation, you are probably wondering what the best steps to take to try and avoid being charged with a misdemeanor or felony offense. To avoid this happening, it is always helpful to have your lawyer talk to the police investigator handling your case to understand the facts and circumstances involving your accident and the other party. The police investigator will deal with your lawyer in a much more positive manner than they would deal with you. Their investigation would typical entail coming to the police station, obtaining a statement from you, and inspecting your vehicle (unless it was already impounded). It is not uncommon that police officers come to people’s home to complete their investigation.

As a skilled hit and run specialist for over thirty years, our attorneys have found that being cooperative with the police at the earliest possible time after the accident dramatically increases the percentage of cases we are able to get closed or dismissed, without any charges being filed.

San Diego Hit and Run cases are extremely time sensitive for a number of reasons. First, but being proactive, you avoid having officers from to your house to question you. Second, by being proactive, there is a huge advantage in helping negotiate the dismissal of charges. Third, it shows cooperation, which also is an advantage in negotiating your case.

Our attorneys advise on what to say and more importantly what not to say will be based upon the facts and circumstances of each individual case. Factors like, were you identified at the scene, was your car identified, were there witnesses? We will also consider whether there was any physical evidence left at the scene, like a bumper or a license plate, or in some cases, your car.

There are lots of common fact patterns that a San Diego Hit and Run Attorney is readily familiar with, and knows the best strategy of how to proceed on your case. A simple conversation or discussion with the officer can cause the office to highly recommend charges be filed, or the officer recommending that charges not be filed and the matter be handled civilly through insurance.

Everything we do in working with the police department is to help and protect our clients, and to turn their cases in a more positive direction. The ultimate goal in every San Diego Hit and Run case is to have the matter be handled civilly through restitution or reimbursement to the other party as a better alternative to having charges be filed against our client.

When a case is handled civilly, you do not face the potential consequences that can happen in court if a misdemeanor of felony charge is filed against you. The benefits of avoiding a court case is that there is no punishment of any type, thus avoiding potential jail time, fines, probation, community service, the negative tarnish on your record, and possible employment or education application issues.

Let our attorneys help turn an honest mistake, into a civil matter, keeping you out of the criminal justice system altogether. Regardless of who was at fault in an accident…We Can Help! Even if you did not have a valid driver’s license, or insurance…We Can Help!

Our law firm has always charged reasonable fees, and we offer payment plans without any additional charge. All major credit cards are accepted. Call today for your free phone consultation to learn about your options and our winning strategies that would be best suited for your case.

We all make mistakes…let us help you fix this one!