The Benefit of Hiring a San Diego Hit and Run Lawyer Immediately

When there has been an alleged incident of Hit and Run, it is in your best interest to retain a San Diego Hit and Run lawyer as soon as possible. There are several significant benefits to this. First off, hiring an attorney will help save the emotional hassle and stress of figuring out what steps to take, and what is the most beneficial to you. This in, and of itself, is worth acting quickly upon. However, there are many other benefits to having a legal professional on your team. To better understand this, let’s walk through the beginning steps of an alleged Hit and Run incident in San Diego.

If you believe you have been involved in committing a Hit and Run, you will not immediately be arrested, unless there is an accident and authorities show up. Generally, after an investigation has been completed, authorities will reach out to you via telephone, mail or in person. You will be asked to contact authorities and set up a time to give a statement.

If you have not consulted or retained a San Diego Hit and Run Attorney, how do you know whether you should contact authorities before they contact you? If they contact you, how do you know what to say in a statement? Should you even give a statement? Oftentimes, this is an intimidating situation, and most people do not know how to proceed or what to say. They often become so worried or stressed out that they push it out of our mind and chose to do nothing. If that is the case, the situation only gets worse.

Now, imagine if you have retained a legal professional. The legal professional will take over the case right from the moment you retain them. So the lawyer will likely contact authorities, many of which they have a standing relationship with due to their years of experience. They will know precisely the right time to contact them, and what to say. In addition, if a statement has to be given, the attorney can advise whether it should be in person, or a written statement. The attorney will also review the facts of your case and prepare you on what to say and what not to say. Further, the attorney will be present with you during the statement to ensure your constitutional rights are protected.

Acting quickly in a situation like this can make a world of difference. It may seem that you are availing yourself of charges by proactively approaching authorities, but cooperation and giving a statement weighs heavily in your favor as far as your charges and getting your case reduced or dismissed. Imagine the number of cases that go through an officer’s desk. Imagine the number of people who fabricate stories, evade giving statements, or in general fail to cooperate. All of these cases then have to have investigations, be sent to prosecutors, reviewed, then taken to Court. Officers will readily act on the exception, the cooperative person, who will work with them to eliminate a case from their desk.

San Diego Criminal attorneys, like those at Hoffman & Associates, know how to navigate the criminal justice system, and can handle your case with the ease and knowledge 30 years of experience brings. Be sure to have them on your team!