California Hit And Run: Celebrity Spotlight on Heather Locklear

A Hit and Run is a common vehicle code violation in the city of Los Angeles. So common in fact, that not only do local citizens get charged daily, but celebrities do as well.

On April 17, 2010, actress Heather Locklear was traced to a Hit and Run incident that occurred in the early morning hours. According to reports, the actress knocked over a “no parking” sign near her home in Westlake Village. She left without notifying any police officers or reporting the damage. The California Vehicle Code requires that anyone who damages property or causes injury to a person with their vehicle must exchange or attempt to exchange information with the injured party. Ms. Locklear left the scene after causing damage, without attempting to notify authorities or the police department.

Due to the fact that the damage was done to public property, the actress would be required, by law, to notify authorities. When defendants leave the scene without providing required information, officers are generally able to pinpoint the source by conducting an investigation. They will often study paint scraped off a car or dents made and will search for corresponding damage at the scene. Additionally, fragments left behind can be traced to the defendant’s vehicle. In the current case, officers conducted an examination of debris left at the scene and were able to trace it back to Ms. Locklear’s black 2005 BMW.

Because the only damage was to property, the Melrose Place alum was cited under California Vehicle Code 20002 for a misdemeanor.sThere is potential for the charge to be reduced with an experienced Los Angeles Attorney who will strongly argue mitigating circumstances. Additionally, an attorney who has successfully argued Hit and Run cases many times will present Ms. Locklear in a positive light and negotiate with prosecution.

Regardless of whether you are a big time celebrity as Ms. Locklear, or an average citizen who has been arrested for a Hit and Run, you want the best possible Criminal Defense attorney to argue on your side. Our firm offers reasonable rates that are affordable to all clients and will work with you to ensure you get the help you need. All reputations are at stake when such an incident occurs, and at our firm we understand your stress and will provide the support and comfort you need.