Causes Behind a Los Angeles Hit and Run

What causes people to feel the scene of an accident resulting in a Hit and Run charge?

The overall umbrella is fear. People are scared that they may suffer consequences on varying fields if they do not flee the scene. Some of these issues are minor in nature, and some are much bigger. Either way, being charged with a Hit and Run, especially with injury, is a much worse scenario than those feared by drivers who opt to flee the scene.

  1. Do not want a DUI

Many people flee the scene and do not stay to help administer help or leave contact information because they are driving while intoxicated and are afraid they will get charged with a Los Angeles DUI. If they are caught, and usually the driver is, they will not only be charged with a DUI, if it is within the adequate time period, they will also be charged with a Hit and Run.

  1. Probation Violations

Many people are on probation from a previous offense. The previous offense does not necessarily have to be a DUI, or a Hit and Run, it can be probation for any offense. Many of the offenses require probation as part of the sentence, and one of the terms of probation is that they are to avoid any unlawful activity. If they are charged with a Hit and Run, it will be a violation of their probation, and will be an additional charge on top of the Hit and Run. For this reason, many people are scared and try to flee the scene.

  1. No insurance

Oftentimes people will leave the scene because they do not have valid insurance and will be facing significant costs that they do not have the funds for.

  1. No valid Driver’s License

Many people are operating a vehicle with a suspended or restricted license, or without a valid license at all. There are criminal implications to driving without a valid license and would be an additional charge on top of the Hit and Run.

  1. No Money

Many times people are afraid that they will have to make restitution and they do not have the money to pay for damage or injury. They are also afraid they will be sued in civil court if they are unable to pay for the damage or injury.

There are many reasons people opt to leave the scene of an accident. The majority of reasons fall under the great umbrella of fear. However, what people do not realize is that fleeing the scene causes them more trouble than it would if they stayed and administered help and provided their contact information. People flee to avoid criminal charges, but if they are caught, and often they are, they not only face the criminal charges or costs they were afraid of, but additional charge and costs from the Hit and Run. If you find yourself in this situation, it is highly recommended that you seek the help of an experienced and knowledgeable Los Angeles Hit and Run lawyer.