Do I Contact Authorities If I Could Be Suspected of a Los Angeles Hit and Run?

If you believe you may have committed a Los Angeles Hit and Run, authorities will contact you in one of three ways. They can contact you via mail, and ask that you reach out to them for a statement and investigation. They can contact you via telephone, or they can also contact you in person, by showing up to your place of residence of work.

The biggest question our clients have when they come into our office is whether they should contact the authorities right away, or “wait it out”. Unfortunately, a lot of people mistakenly believe that if they don’t contact the authorities, they may never get caught, and can “get away with it”. This is not often the case. The authorities are trained in investigations pertaining to hit and runs, and know how to track down certain drivers and vehicles. “Waiting it out” can actually hurt your case, whereas contacting authorities can actually help get your case dismissed.

Of course, it is never recommended that you contact authorities without first being properly prepared or advised on what to say. When you contact authorities, whatever you say to them is a statement. This statement may be used against you later as evidence or an admission. Therefore, it is important that you choose your words carefully. The attorneys at Hoffman & Associates carefully review and guide our clients in terms of what to say to authorities. This ensures that you do not say anything that can be harmful to your case, while at the same time provide enough information to support a dismissal of your case. Oftentimes, if you have an attorney, that attorney can be present with you when you make your statement. This takes away a lot of stress and anxiety from an already difficult situation.

So, how does giving a voluntary statement help your case? Proactivity and cooperation go a long way with authorities. Our attorneys have been practicing for over 30 years, and have developed a trusted relationship with officers who investigate hit and runs. Officers appreciate the people who come forward, provide information and seek to make amends. This helps them be efficient, it helps their job, it saves county resources and it prevents delaying cases. This is appreciated. In fact, we have been told by many officers that when our firm name appears as representing a person, the officer can anticipate an easy and efficient resolution. These are the things that matter.

If you believe you may be guilty of a Los Angeles Hit and Run, don’t take a chance. Contact a professional Los Angeles Hit and Run lawyer right away. Their experience, knowledge and guidance can ensure you take the proactive steps that you need to, and say the right things in a statement, without compromising your rights. Taking the rights steps early on in a case can make the difference between a drawn out conviction, and an early dismissal.