The Harmful Effects of Your Statements after a San Diego Hit and Run

After an alleged San Diego Hit and Run, officers may contact you, or you may contact them . They may ask you to give a statement, but that could be used against you to file charges. Many of our clients contact us to determine whether they will be arrested, and to get more information.

If you have fled the scene of an alleged Hit and Run, you will likely have no information  as to whether there was even injury, and if there was the extent of it, or if there was damage to property. You would not know how many people were involved or the cost of damage. This is why a San Diego Hit and Run attorney is useful.

An attorney can call the police department on your behalf. This ensures that you don’t make any statements on your own that could be held against you, or that may provide possible evidence against you for a Hit and Run.

In addition, police departments and agencies are not necessarily friendly with possible suspects for a Hit and Run. They may not be as willing to provide you with information or guidance. However, they often deal with attorneys, and have a beneficial and professional relationship with them. This provides for efficient discussions that are positive for the  client.

Oftentimes, officers can arrest you if you come in for a statement, especially when there has been injury to person. An officer will not tell you that there is a possibility for arrest You could walk in on your own and get arrested. This is avoided by having an attorney speak to the officers on your behalf.

Let’s consider an example. David thinks that he may have Hit a person’s car while he was driving home from a party. David had been drinking and he was afraid to get a DUI so he fled the scene. He is now afraid that he may be arrested and wants to turn himself in. He contacts a San Diego Hit and Run attorney that has over thirty years of experience. The attorney prepares a written statement on David’s behalf and negotiates with Prosecutors that if David were to come in for questioning, that he would not be arrested. This allows the attorney to also prepare David. When David walks into the police department, he already has a written statement and a guarantee that he will not be arrested. He is also well prepared and not stressed since he has his attorney  with him.

Having a legal expert alongside you can really make a tremendous difference. It takes the stress and anxiety away from your already busy life. You can put your confidence in a San Diego Hit and Run, especially one who is not only fully knowledgeable of the criminal justice system, but has over thirty years of experience and an ongoing relationship with the different police departments. This not only helps you in managing your consequences but helps keep you focused on the things that really matter in your life!