Helpful and Harmful Actions Taken Prior to the Arrest of a Los Angeles Hit and Run

Many of our clients come to us prior to having been arrested and are concerns as to how they can avoid charges, or at least mitigate the consequences. There are definitely ways to do so, but it has to be handled with expertise and care .

The very first step you can take to help ensure that any actions you take are helpful to you and your case is to hire a Los Angeles Hit and Run lawyer as soon as possible. Not only will the attorney provide you with the knowledgeable and experienced guidance that you need, but they will immediately start taking steps to work on your case and gather information.

If you think that you may be charged with a Los Angeles Hit and Run, you have no information. If you believe you caused injury to someone or caused damage to property and fled the scene, it is likely that you have no information as to what may have happened thereafter. You have no information as to whether a person was injured, whether there was damage, what the person’s name was, whether they had insurance, etc. That is where the attorney is an asset to your case.

An attorney is familiar with the prosecutor and the police department. They are able to call and get information regarding a case, without giving an incriminating statement to them.

When it comes to a Hit and Run, unlike an accident, fault is not an issue. If you have been in an accident, that is not a Hit and Run, the issue becomes whose fault the accident is, and what the insurance coverage is. In a Hit and Run, it does not matter who is at fault, all that matters is that you did not take the actions specified in the Hit and Run statute, and fled the scene.

Once an attorney gathers information regarding the case, and determines whether there is enough evidence for prosecutors to press charges, they will get to work to start persuading prosecutors to dismiss the case.

Once information is gathered on the alleged victim, the attorney will speak to them regarding restitution. If there was damage to property, the attorney will gather information on how extensive the damage was, and began to make amends. If the attorney can make restitution then a statement or civil compromise from the alleged victim will help persuade the prosecutors to dismiss or minimize charges.

There are definitely ways you can mitigate the consequences of a Los Angeles Hit and Run even before you have been arrested. Possibly even avoid the arrest all together. However, the best and most efficient way to take helpful steps after a Hit and Run is to immediately contact a Legal Hit and Run specialist. Be sure to retain one that has over thirty years of extensive experience and has knowledge of the criminal justice system.