How is a Los Angeles DUI and Hit and Run Related?

In order to be charged with a Los Angeles Hit and Run, a driver must have caused damage to property or injury to person, and have fled the scene without leaving contact information or rendering first aid if needed .One of the major reasons a person flees the scene of a Hit and Run is because they are afraid of being charged with a DUI.

A DUI and a Hit and Run are two separate charges, it is important to understand that. They are not factors or variables to be considered in one charge. What do I mean by that? Lets consider an example that will help clarify this concept.

David is on his way home from a birthday party with his friends. He has had several beers and is not sober. However, he has work early in the morning the next day and feels it is best for him to get home. It is late night, and is raining hard. He can barely see on his way home. Due to the rain he runs into a fence that is a part of someone’s private property .He causes the fence to fall in and break. David gets out of his car and inspects the fence. He also see the lights coming on in the house where he has damaged the fence. David is afraid that if the cops come, they will see the damage and also administer a blood alcohol test that could result in a DUI. He gets in his car and immediately drives away.

Let’s say that David was unaware of a few witnesses that saw the accident, and informed the police of David’s identity. Officers found David on his way home and pulled him over. David is now potentially facing two charges, a DUI, because he was under the influence of alcohol and driving a vehicle, and he is also facing a Hit and Run because he caused damage to property and fled the scene without leaving contact information.

These are two difference charges. There will be two different cases, two arraignments, and two different sentences if found guilty. This is a serious situation, and depending on the damage can be considered felonies. It is very important that David consult with a Los Angeles DUI Lawyer so that he can learn about all of his available defenses and arguments. He also wants someone with experience and knowledge on his team so that he knows to make educated and informed decisions regarding his case.

It is also highly beneficial if he seeks to retain a Los Angeles lawyer who has experience in both Hit and Runs and DUI. This allows for an overall strategic approach that will help both of his cases and will help get the best possible outcome. The goal of any good lawyer is to get the charges reduced or dismissed altogether. If you are facing this type of situation, do not hesitate. Contact a Lawyer today!