Mitigating the Potential Consequences of a Los Angeles Hit and Run

Many of our clients come into our office after having been charged with a Los Angeles Hit and Run asking about the potential consequences and what legal advice they should take. There are many things you can do with the help of legal counsel that will help mitigate the consequences even before the first scheduled court appearance.

Lets consider an example to help explain what steps can be taken to mitigate the consequences of a hit and run. David is driving home one night and accidentally hits a parked car. Because David does not have insurance, he does not want to deal with the consequences and so he drives off without informing the driver of the parked car of his contact information or the fact that he accidentally hit it .The driver of the parked car, Victor, contacts the authorities and it is determined that David was the one who caused the accident. David is charged with a hit and run and hired an experienced Los Angeles Hit and Run lawyer.

The lawyer immediately gets to work preparing David’s case. It is important that the professional demonstrates to the court that David is not a bad person, that he is a good citizen and a positive person in his community. In order to do this, the attorney will have David’s friends and family prepare letters and testimonials attesting to David’s character. Additionally, the attorney will want to give the court David’s resume that shows he is employed and working, and if not, he is working hard to obtain employment.

Furthermore, the attorney will work at preparing a civil compromise. A civil compromise is an agreement between the person who caused the hit and run and the injured party to make amends. For example, the lawyer will talk to Victor and ask Victor how much the damage was. Then the legal professional will ask Victor if David pays for all injuries and costs, then he can help prepare a civil compromise to give to the judge in the hit and run case.

The civil compromise does not guarantee that the hit and run case will be dismissed, but it does give it a strong probability of being mitigated. If there are no pending injuries, and the party that was injured has been compensated, then there is a strong argument that there is no need for further penalties.

Obtaining a civil compromise can be time consuming and difficult. It takes negotiation and years of experience. Therefore, it is always advisable to see the counsel of an experienced Criminal Defense lawyer so that your case has every possible change of being dismissed.