What if there is no Damage or Injury in my Los Angeles Hit and Run Case?

If there is no damage or injury and you have been charged with a Hit and Run in Los Angeles, it is highly recommended that you speak to a Los Angeles Hit and Run Lawyer. Under the California Vehicle Code there must be 1) damage to property or injury to person AND 2) no contact information left at the scene or help administered in the case of injury.

In order for a person to be charged and convicted of a Hit and Run, a prosecutor must prove BOTH elements beyond a reasonable doubt. If there is no damage or injury, and you have been charged with a hit and run, it is very likely that prosecutor will not be able to prove their case, and your case may be dismissed. Because there is a strong likelihood that your case will be dismissed, it is important to have a legal professional present the strongest case in your favor.

Let’s consider an example to properly explain this concept. Dana lives in a woodsy area. She is driving home from a friend’s house one night, when it is snowing. She is unable to see very well. As she is driving her car hits something in front of someone’s private property and causes her car to swerve. Scared and afraid of being stuck in a snowstorm, Dana starts heading home. An officer drives by, sees her car in the opposite lane and writes her a citation for hit and run. She is ordered to appear in Court for her Arraignment.

Dana hires a California Hit and Run lawyer, that appears at the arraignment on her behalf. The attorney requests a continuance to study the case and relevant evidence prior to entering a plea on behalf of Dana. The attorney does some research and finds that what Dana hit was actually a tree trunk that had fallen. It was not someone’s property nor was it a person.

If Dana has not hired a legal professional to help her with her case, she may have pled guilty. She does not know what her options are, and she is scared and wants the case to be over. After some investigation and a presentation of strong arguments, the case is dismissed.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, do not assume that the help of a legal expert will not be crucial to your case. In the very least, speak to a Criminal Defense lawyer about your options, and possible defenses. It may be highly likely, that like Dana, you case can be dismissed completely. If that is a possibility, you owe it to yourself, and your future to give yourself the best possible chance of fighting the charge. Many attorneys offer free consultations and affordable pricing plans. Therefore, you have no reason to not seek out the aid of a knowledgeable, and experience Hit and Run specialist.