Police Contact after a Los Angeles Hit and Run

If you have committed a Hit and Run, there are several ways the police department will contact you. A Hit and Run is a vehicle code violation under VC §20002 and 20003. In order to have committed a Hit and Run, you must have caused damage to property or injury to person, and fled the scene without leaving information. Just because you are contacted by the police department regarding a potential Hit and Run, it does not mean you are guilty, or have been charged. That will be determined thereafter.

Officers may contact you in one of three ways. The method is unique to each county and to each department. There are no uniform code sections or authority that require one specific method be used.

  1. Letter

The police department may send you a letter asking that you contact them. The letter is a standard letter and it implies that officers suspect you may be involved with a hit and run, but as stated earlier, it does not mean you have been found guilty or that you have been charged.

  1. Come to your home

Officers might also show up at your residence, asking questions. If they have a warrant, you may have to go with them to the station for questioning. Otherwise, you are under no obligation to respond.

  1. Phone call

Sometimes the police department may contact you via telephone. You are not required to answer their questions. It is their hope that you will say something that may tip them off or allow for an arrest.

Regardless of how the police department contacts you, it is certain that you should seek the legal counsel of a Los Angeles Hit and Run lawyer. A Hit and Run lawyer has extensive experience in the field and can represent you on your behalf. It is highly advisable that you do not speak to the authorities without an attorney present. How you respond is crucial to your case, if the authorities move forward with filing one. If you appear cooperative and willing to be responsive, they may take that into consideration. If you are honest, and do not make false statements, it will work in your benefit. Similarly, saying the wrong thing or making an admission to an officer will go into the police report and will likely be used against you. Having a legal professional arguing on your behalf will ensure that you not only approach the case from the best possible position, but that you do not say anything that can hurt you later.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are being contact by officers regarding a Hit and Run, be sure to consult with a Los Angeles Attorney as soon as possible. Let them do the heavy lifting for you, and speak to the authorities. It could make the difference between officers just contacting you with questions and a case being filed against you. Make the right decision and act in your best interest!