California Hit and Run: Potential Legal Defenses

When charged with a California Hit and Run case, there may be potential defenses, although they are successfully argued in few cases by an experienced Los Angeles attorney.

A defendant can argue that there was no or minimal damage. Damage to property or person is required for a valid Hit and Run case and to be charged under the appropriate statute. If there is no damage, then there cannot be a valid charge for a Hit and Run. If there is no real damage to victim’s property, the prosecution may not be able to bring a valid case against you.

Additionally, if there is little damage and you compensate the injured party for all damages incurred a civil compromise may strengthen your case. A Los Angeles attorney who has defended many Hit and Run cases will talk to the injured party who has been compensated for all damages and will work with them to help reduce charges or dismiss the case altogether.

Another potential defense, although rarely argued, is if you made a good faith effort to leave the requisite personal information. This is difficult to prove because very often the defendant is alone at the time of the injury, and providing evidence that the information was left for the injured party is near impossible.

Cases become challenging under certain circumstances such as when a defendant claims they could not locate the owner of damaged property and had to leave a note which then blew away or a similar situation in which the note was destroyed.sCredibility issues also arise when this defense is used. The credibility of the defendant is questioned in their argument as to whether or not they did in fact leave the requisite info with the injured party.

Regardless of the defense, a California defense attorney can argue efficiently and create a strong case in your favor. Our firm has been arguing Hit and Run cases in courts all over Southern California for over thirty years. An attorney will gather positive feedback and letters from friends and family as well as a letter from the injured party if they have been compensated and are willing to drop the charges. All this together will help strengthen your case and will assure you the best possible result of your case.