Civil Compromise as a Valuable Solution to a Los Angeles Hit and Run

Hit and Run accidents are more common than people tend to think. According to statistics from the Federal Department of Transportation they have increased by 15% since 2000. Additionally, the federal statistics indicate that California has the highest number of accidents resulting from Hit and Runs. With so many offenses, the need for a highly skilled Los Angeles Criminal Defense attorney is necessary to prepare a civil compromise and prepare the best strategic defense possible.

There are many reasons people tend to commit Hit and Run offenses, including not having a valid driver’s license, have had their license revoked, can’t or haven’t paid their insurance, and many people who don’t qualify for a driver’s license in the first place. These are often the driving motivation for people to leave the scene after an accident, resulting in a Hit and Run. Fortunately, the majority of these accidents leaves damage to property more than persons, however, even the smallest injury to a person still causes great damage.

An experienced Los Angeles Criminal Defense attorney has handled thousands of Hit and Run cases. A knowledgeable attorney, like Ronald Hoffman, can provide a powerful defense and zealously advocate your case so that you see reduced charges or a dismissal. Our firm immediately gets to work convincing the injured party to drop charges and seek restitution outside of the court system. As a result we are able to prepare a civil compromise and present it to the prosecution which will not only strengthen your case and its chances for dismissal, but weaken prosecution’s desire to bring the case to court. Our goal from the beginning of your case through to its completion is to quickly take action, get the charges dropped and avoid any charges being put on your record.

Ensure that your record remains clean, especially when the injured party has agreed to seek reimbursement outside of the judicial system. There is no need to be charged in criminal court when both parties have made amends. Contact our office for a free consultation and learn what we can do for you without cost of obligation!

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