Challenges of a Los Angeles Hit and Run Case When the Victim is a Governmental Entity

Hit and Run cases are common in Los Angeles. There are certain challenges and obstacles to overcome when it comes to a Los Angeles Hit and Run charge, but with the right Los Angeles Hit and Run lawyer on your team, and proactive measures, you can take steps to drastically reduce your changes of getting charges filed against you and/or getting convicted.

When the property damage is to the city or the county government, however, it brings with it a whole new set of challenges and obstacles. Both types of cases, however, can be addressed and given a good chance at resolution prior to conviction. The defense and argument will be tailored to the type of case, and the specific set of facts. In order to better understand the process, let’s consider some examples.

David is driving home from work on a rainy night. He does not see the parked car in front of his driveway and hits the front bumper as he turns into his garage. Seeing that it was late, and he was tired, and the car was right in front of his house, he goes home and goes to sleep, hoping to address it in the morning. However, in the morning the car is gone, so David is not able to provide his contact information. Before  David receives a letter from authorities stating that they would like to interview him regarding a potential hit and run, David contacts a Los Angeles Hit and Run Lawyer. The attorney asks around in the neighborhood, is able to locate whose vehicle it was, and have David’s insurance company make full amends and pay restitution, causing the aggrieved party to never have to contact authorities. The issue is resolved quickly since the attorney is able to directly deal with a person whose vehicle it was, and to address the insurance company and get damages repaired as soon as possible.

Now, lets consider when the aggrieved party is the government. David is driving home from work on a rainy night, and hits the stop sign in front of his house. Because it is late, and dark, and he is tired, he goes home and goes to sleep. In addition, he does not know who he would even contact regarding the stop sign. He contacts an attorney to help proactively resolve the issue before it results in formal criminal charges. The attorney contacts the government. But because it is not a specific individual, but an entity, the process in making amends is much more difficult. The stop sign will get fixed immediately by the government, but no cost or bill will be generated. Then for the attorney to request costs and damages would be a long process, since they have to know assess how much it would cost, different departments have to verify it, and all the while time has passed. The process is much longer, and much more drawn out.

Whether the aggrieved party in your case is a government entity, or an individual, proactively taking steps to mitigate the damage can be extremely beneficial to your case. Do not hesitate, contact a Los Angeles Hit and Run lawyer as soon as possible.