Defensive Strategies that Work and Those that Don’t Work in a Los Angeles Hit and Run Case

Many of our clients mistakenly believe that if they wait long enough after a hit and run incident, that charges may never be filed against them. In reality, prolonging action can result in negative consequences to your case. Being proactive, when there may have been an incident that leads to a Los Angeles Hit and Run, can help your case get dismissed. Part of being proactive is to retain a Los Angeles Hit and Run lawyer as soon as possible.

The best way to explain how being proactive works, is by considering two contrasting examples.

David was driving home from work one day. It was late, he was tired, and it was pouring rain. In the rain he hit a parked car without seeing it. Tired from work and it being late, David drove home thinking he would deal with the problem later. The next morning, he was late for work and it was raining again. Days passed to weeks, and David soon forgot about the incident. He felt that because the police department, or the person whose car was damaged had not contacted him, there was no need to “stir the pot”. He figured he would wait until someone brought it up and then address it. Sure enough, in about three months the police department contacts David. He appears before the investigating officer on his own, and states on the record that he does not remember what happened, and that he was not involved. Officers have evidence that David hit the parked car and do not necessarily need David’s statement to press charges. However, officers are upset that David is blatantly avoiding responsibility, and made no amends to pay for the damages. The victim is also upset that David is denying fault, and has made no effort to fix the damages. The move forward with pressing charges.

Now let’s consider a different path that David could have taken. David is driving home from work one day. It is late, he is tired and it is pouring rain. In the rain he hits a parked car without seeing it. Because it is late and he is tired, David goes home planning to deal with the issue the next day. The next day, David is late for work so he calls a Los Angeles Hit and Run lawyer, and heads to work. The lawyer acts quickly and contacts the police department alerting them to the incident. He also contacts the person whose care was damaged and asks to get an estimate as to the amount of damages. He arranges for David’s insurance company to pay the full amount of repairs. Officers see how efficiently and immediately David acted. They see that he did not wait for them to contact him, but took responsibility, addressed the issue, and cleared a case off of their desk. The person whose car was damaged is also happy, and informs officers in their statement that they do not feel the need for charges to be pressed. The case is never filed. David is happy since he is not criminally charged, and his insurance company covered the costs. The person whose car was damaged is happy because they got immediate response and damage was completely fixed. Officers are happy because they cleared a case quickly and efficiently, without tying up further unnecessary resources.

In the second scenario, David acted proactively with the help of a legal professional. This allowed more amicable and efficient resolution of his case and ensured that he got the best possible results. Do not gamble with your future, be proactive, take the right steps and consult with a Los Angeles Hit and Run lawyer as soon as possible!