Consequences for A Los Angeles Hit and Run

If you are faced with charges for a Los Angeles Hit and Run, there are several different consequences you may face. This could have a lasting impact on your record and your day to day life.

Jail Sentence

In some cases, you may be facing some jail time. This is common in cases where there is extensive damage to property, or there is injury to a person. A jail sentence is not standard in every hit and run case, but can be in egregious cases that give rise to a felony.


There are several different levels of probation. Information probation is the lesser level and simply requires that you refrain from engaging in criminal behavior. You do not need to check in with an officer. Formal probation requires that you check in, and will monitor your behavior.


As with most criminal offenses, there will be a fine associated with the conclusion of the case. The fine is usually tripled after penalties and assessments.


With a Hit and Run in Los Angeles, you will likely face restitution for the damage you have done or injury. This means you will have to pay funds to the person whose property was damaged, or to the person who was injured to pay for their expenses in repairing the property, or for medical bills.


In many cases, there will be an increase on your car insurance depending on the accident, and whether you are at fault.

These are all potential consequences, it does not mean that if you are convicted of a Hit and Run that you will be facing each and everyone one of these. Oftentimes, they are administered in varying combinations depending on your criminal history, and the facts of your specific case. This is why a Los Angeles Hit and Run Attorney is a huge asset to your defense.

An experienced attorney, like those at Hoffman and Associates, has the experience and knowledge to guide you through the criminal defense process. They not only represent you in court, but they also negotiation with the prosecutors, speak to the party who has been harmed or whose property has been damaged, and speaks to any other parties involved. The attorney will also give you guidance on when and how to give a statement.

Proactivity is crucial in a hit and run case. Acting quickly and efficiently could mean a reduction in charges or even a dismissal of the case altogether. This is why retaining an attorney early on in the process is not only important but significant to your case.

If you find yourself in a situation where you believe you may have been involved with a Hit and Run, do not hesitate to contact our office. Every conversation is protected by attorney  client confidentiality so you can receive honest feedback and an assessment of your case. This is the first step in ensuring that you get the best possible results, so don’t hesitate, call today!