Fault in a Los Angeles Hit and Run Offense

Contrary to popular belief, fault does not play a role in a Los Angeles Hit and Run Offense. A hit and run is not based on the fault of the accident, it is based upon leaving the scene when help or information should have been provided.

Let’s take a step back and consider an example to understand how fault plays a role. Dina is driving home from work one evening. It is raining hard and it is a difficult evening to see. Dina is stopped at a red light and is rear ended by a car driving fast that does not see Dina or the light. In turn, Dina’s car is pushed up and she hits someone who is crossing the street. There are minimal injuries but the pedestrian is knocked down.

In this situation, Dina is not at fault. She stopped at the light just as she was required to do. The car behind her is at fault. However, both Dina and the driver of the car behind her are required to render aid to each other, and the pedestrian that was crossing the street. The issue of whose fault the accident was is a determination for the insurance companies and the civil court, if required. It is not an issue for a potential hit and run. Both Dina and the driver behind her can be charged with a Hit and Run if they do not stop to help, or leave their information.

The Hit and Run criminal offense is based on a person’s inability to provide the information and care needed in an accident. It is not important whether the party being charged is at fault of not. Therefore, regardless of fault, it is crucial that you have the right tools and knowledge to defend yourself against a hit and run offense.

This is where a Los Angeles Hit and Run lawyer is crucial. A professional attorney, like those at Hoffman & Associates have over 30 years of experience in handling hit and run cases. They know exactly what arguments to prepare and what defenses to focus on to ensure that you have the best possible outcome of your case.

If you are not at fault, there is a lot to deal with. A lot of things to address, such as dealing with the insurance companies, civil liabilities if applicable. This is why it is important to have a attorney on your team. This helps alleviate the stress off of your shoulders, and hassle that comes with addressing all of the nuances and issues. From your very first meeting, to the conclusion of your case, the hit and run professionals will work to efficiently and quickly resolve your case so that you can move on to the things that matter in your life.

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