Factors that can Help Mitigate a San Diego Hit and Run Offense

There are many different types of Hit and Run cases. Some involve injury, and some involve damage to property. Others involve just the driver of a vehicle, and some involve multiple passengers. Accordingly, there are many different ways to help mitigate a Hit and Run case, but one thing remains certain: the more immediately you take steps to mitigate your case, the higher probability you will have of it being reduced or dismissed.

The reason it is important to act immediately with a Hit and Run case is because certain actions can be taken prior to the Prosecutor’s even filing charges against you. If this can be completed successfully, then there is a chance that Prosecutor’s will not feel the need to file charges at all. Your case would then be dismissed.

A San Diego Hit and Run lawyer would contact the person or persons, or property to which damage or injury was incurred. If damages are paid for, or injuries are paid for, to the satisfaction of the injured party, then Prosecutor’s may be more inclined to drop charges since amends have been made and the person being charged has been proactive.

Cooperation is a significant factor that helps mitigate of circumstances. However, you want to cooperate to be extent possible with the guidance and advice of a legal professional. After a Hit and Run, officers will want a statement from you, whether in person, via telephone or written. Regardless of the way the statement is given, it can be used against you in your case. That is why it is important to cooperate fully with officers in giving a statement, but not to your own detriment. A San Diego Criminal Attorney can accompany you at the time you give a statement, so that you are sure to provide information to officers and be cooperative, but that you do not say anything that can help hurt you later.

Similarly, you will also need to talk to your own insurance company. Providing information is crucial and can often be required. However, much like statements given to officers, statements given to your insurance company could possibly hurt you in your Hit and Run case. This is why consulting with an attorney prior to giving a statement is necessary, so that you are cooperative but not detrimental to your own case.

Fault is generally inconsequential in a San Diego Hit and Run case, however, it could be a mitigating circumstance. It does not matter if you are at fault in a Hit and Run accident, whether it cause damage or injury. A Hit and Run is not charged because you caused damage and injury, it is because you may have fled the scene after causing damage or injury. However, if it is not your fault, it can possibly help negotiate the case in your favor with the help of a skilled legal professional.

Each case is very unique and the facts just as unique. There are many different ways a person can help weaken the prosecutor’s case, and help reduce or dismiss the charges. But this can only start with a thorough analysis of the facts by a Hit and Run attorney with years of experience, so do not hesitate, contact a professional as soon as possible!