The Importance of Winning Over an Angry Los Angeles Hit and Run Victim

Oftentimes in a Los Angeles Hit and Run there will be a person who has been negatively impacted by a person’s alleged actions. It may be someone that has been injured or that someone’s property has been injured. Either way, they may seek some restitution and for amends to be made.

It is extremely important that this alleged victim of a hit and run be addressed as soon as possible. A Los Angeles Hit and Run lawyer has over thirty years of experience handling alleged victims, and addressing their concerns at the very beginning of a case. This helps mitigate possible consequences early on, and can even lead to dismissal. To understand how an attorney can help calm down an angry victim lets walk through an example.

Donnie is driving home from a work happy hour. He lives outside of the city and it is a particularly snowy day. The roads are slick and he cannot see too far ahead of him. As he is driving home at night, his car slides, and he hits a parked car in front of a house causing some damage to the rear bumper. Being that it is cold and late at night, Donnie decides to go home and address the owner the next day. Before Donnie can speak to the owner, officers are at his house charging him with a Hit and Run. Donnie immediately retained a Los Angeles Hit and Run Lawyer.

The lawyer contacted the owner of the vehicle immediately and spoke to them about the damages that were incurred. The attorney worked with the person to assure that the damages were repaired and the owner was repaid the funds expended in the damage. The attorney then requested that the owner provide a statement known as a civil compromise that attests that the damages have been paid and there is no more pending damage.

The attorney will then provide this to the Court. It is important that this statement is gathered before the case is even filed with the criminal court. When a person has been arrested by authorities, they are only suspected of having committed a criminal offense, they have not yet been charged. In order to be charged, the prosecutor’s office will review the officer’s reports and evidence as to why the arrest was made. They will then make a determination as to whether there is enough evidence to find someone guilty of an offense beyond a reasonable doubt.

If the prosecutor is provided with a statement showing that amends have already been made, the prosecutor is more likely to refrain from filing charges, especially if it seems that the allegedly injured person has been provided with restitution and no longer wishes to press charges.

If you find yourself in a situation where you have been charged with Hit and Run, take action as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the charges may be formally filed and can be tricky to reduce or dismiss. Your best possible option is to avoid the charges altogether with the help of an experienced Los Angeles lawyer.