Factors that can Influence your Los Angeles Hit and Run Case

Many of our clients come to us and want an analysis of their case. Each case is different and each set of facts is different. This makes it difficult to predict how a case will be addressed and what the outcome may be. However, there are some significant factors that are addressed in each case to determine how the case will be approached.

Criminal history:

If a person has an extensive criminal history, it will have a bigger impact on the outcome of their case than someone who does not have any prior convictions. The Courts will take this into consideration when issuing a sentence, especially if the prior is a Hit and Run. In addition, if the prior case is recent, then the person being charged could also be on probation. Then the new charge could result in a probation violation. A probation violation is a separate case, and will have to be addressed in addition to the new Hit and Run case.

Property Damage or Injury

There are two types of Hit and Run, one involves damage to property and one involves injury to person. If there is injury to person, then the case will be a lot more complicated, as it involves medical issues. The more extensive the injuries are, the more serious of a case it could be. For example, a case in which a person has a bruise and scratches will not result in a serious sentence, in comparison to a case in which the person permanently loses function of their legs.

Similarly, if the property damage is extensive, the case will have more significant consequences. If someone has scratched a car, versus driven through a wall, the Court will adjust the consequences and the sentencing accordingly.


Hit and Run cases are complicated because they involve not only the parties, the officers, but also the insurance companies. Insurance companies need statements, and prepare their own cases. A Los Angeles Hit and Run attorney needs to address all of these different entities. When a person does not have insurance, it makes the case significantly more complicated, and will become an issue before the Court.

Multiple Parties

Sometimes the Hit and Run case involves several different vehicles, and people. For example, if there is a four car accident with injury, your Los Angeles Hit and Run lawyer will need to talk to not only all of the individual parties, but their lawyers as well as their insurance companies.

All of these different factors come together to determine the complexity of your case. However, for an experienced Los Angeles Hit and Run lawyer, these factors are nothing new. At Hoffman and Associates we have dealt with 100s of cases ranging in all different variables. We know precisely how to get started on your case, and what steps to take immediately so that we can mitigate the damages before a case is even filed. If you are facing Hit and Run charges, do not hesitate, contact our office as soon as possible at 323-655-3900!