The Role of a Los Angeles Hit and Run Lawyer Immediately After an Accident

Many of our clients believe that they should take their time in finding the right attorney, doing their research and finding an attorney who offers reasonable prices and can promise their case to be dismissed. This is inaccurate. While it is important that someone who has been arrested for a Los Angeles Hit and Run should find the right attorney, time is of the essence. Every day that goes by after an arrest can have a huge impact on your case. Furthermore, when searching for an attorney, the attorney’s reputation, knowledge and expertise will speak for itself.

The more time that passes by, the more angered an alleged victim could become. Acting quickly, proactively, not only with the victim, but also with the police department could make a huge difference in the outcome of your case. To better understand how time works, lets consider two examples. One where the person being charged hires a Los Angeles Hit and Run attorney, and one where the person does not.

One night David was driving home late at night. It was raining hard and windy. He did not see a fence and hit it as he made a turn. Being late at night, cold and raining, he did not stop to leave his information. He immediately called an attorney who advised him to return to the home and ask to make amends. David was charged with a Hit and Run a few days later. David immediately contacted Hoffman & Associates having seen the 5 star review. David’s attorneys immediately contact the owner of the damaged fence. They explain that David had tried to come back the next morning, and that he was extremely sorry and wanted to pay for the fence to be fixed. Seeing the effort made by David the owners of the fence explain the cost, which is immediately fixed by David. The attorney then contacts the police department, and provides all evidence necessary to show the department that all damages have been fixed. The attorney also speaks to the owners of the fence and get them to prepare and sign a Civil Compromise, which shows that they are satisfied with the repairs made by David. Seeing that all amends have been made, the police department advises the Prosecutors of David’s efforts, and as a result, the prosecutor decides not to press charges.

Now, let’s consider Danny, who decides not to retain an attorney. Danny hits a parked car on his way home from work later at night. The next day he is scared and does not contact the owners of the car. He is charged a few days alter with a court date coming up in a month and a half. Danny waits a month and a half and goes to court telling the court that he did not mean to hit the parked car. What Danny does not know is that that is not a valid reason. Fault is not required in a Hit and Run. Furthermore, Danny’s case has already been filed, he has no time to prevent it from being filed, he must not work to get it dismissed by proving that he has a valid defense, which he may not.

Having a Los Angeles Hit and Run lawyer who is knowledgeable of the criminal justice system and knows exactly what steps to take immediately in order to avoid charges altogether is always in your best interest. Do what you can for yourself and call a licensed professional today!

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