Gathering Evidence in a Los Angeles Hit and Run Case

When you have been charged with a Los Angeles Hit and Run, you will be contacted by officers. It will either be in person, through the mail, or a phone call. But before officers contact you regarding a Hit and Run, they will have to gather the evidence that may potentially make you a suspect.

The evidence they gather is sent to the Prosecutor’s office. It is the prosecutor that determines whether there is enough evidence to support a case against you. In order for a case to be brought, the prosecutor must determine that there is reasonable doubt that you committed the offense. In making that determination, prosecutors heavily rely on the evidence presented by officers.

Officers will work to gather their evidence in several different ways. As soon as there is an accident, officers will appear at the scene to investigate. If all parties involved in the accident are present, it will not be an investigation for a Hit and Run. But if one person has fled the scene, then the officers will be gathering evidence for a Hit and Run.

In order to do this, the officers will talk to the aggrieved party, will talk to their insurance company, and will take pictures of the property damage, or the injuries suffered. Most importantly, officers will talk to witnesses. The person who remains at the scene and was in the accident, is also a witness and will be interviewed accordingly. Many witnesses will also, after the scene, go to the police department to file a statement. These statements are gathered and used in preparing a case.

Officers will also carefully observe the vehicle or vehicles that remain at the scene for any signs of the car that left the scene. If the car remains there, but the driver has fled the scene, the car will be impounded as evidence and then will be searched.

Officers will study any damage to the remaining cars for signs of color, and license plate imprints. For example, there was a case in which the driver fled the scene in his vehicle, but the license plate had fallen off at the scene. The driver did not know that the license plate had fallen off. The officers were able to run the plates, and find the driver of the car.

The entire case will hinge upon the evidence the officers gather, and if they are able to pinpoint who may have been the driver who fled the scene. However, if there is minimal evidence, the officers may not be able to build a case.

Regardless of whether there is extensive or minimal evidence against you, there is always a defense or strategy specific to the facts of your case that can be employed by a Los Angeles Hit and Run Lawyer. A knowledgeable and experienced attorney will work hard to fight your case and to ensure that you have the best possible results. A Hit and Run conviction on your record can have lots of consequences, including consequences on your insurance premiums. Do not gamble on your future, take the steps you need to now, so that you avoid future stress and hassle. Contact a legal professional today!