Significant Factors in a Los Angeles Hit and Run Offense

A Los Angeles Hit and Run can be a complicated case because of all the different parties that can be involved, and the different factors at play. These factors and considerations will help determine the outcome of a potential Hit and Run case and will help guide a Los Angeles Hit and Run attorney as to which steps need to be taken immediately to help mitigate the consequences of your case.

A Hit and Run lawyer with over thirty years of experience can do a lot towards the consequences of your case. A lawyer knows the court system, if familiar with the evidence and police departments and knows exactly which steps to take to get you the best possible outcome.

There are many factors to consider. The following are just a few.


A Hit and Run can involve many different parties. There are possible insurance companies on both sides if there is an accident, and there can also be more than two parties involved. For example, if there is an accident that resulted in a hit and run, and the car that was hit had three passengers, then you have the three passengers, the driver of the alleged hit and run, the driver’s insurance company, the insurance companies of the three passengers, as well as the police department and prosecutors. An attorney will want to give statements on behalf of the driver to all of the insurance companies, including the driver’s, as well as the police department. The case becomes potentially more complex due to the number of parties involved.

Injury to Person/ Damage to Property

There are two types of Hit and Runs: there is the type where there has been injury to a person, and there is the type where there has been damage to property, or there are cases where there is both. A pedestrian may be injured as they are crossing a crosswalk, or perhaps a person is injured in a vehicle when there is an accident. There can also be damage to another vehicle due to accident, or perhaps damage to someone’s residence or business. The different types of Hit and Runs are charged under different statutes, and carry with them different potential sentencing ranges.

Degree of Damage/Injury

The degree of damage or injury will affect how the case is charged; whether it is a felony or misdemeanor. If in an injury case, the person sustaining injuries has minor injures like bruises or scratches, there is some leniency with the case. However, if the person sustained sever injuries, such as broken bones, fractures of worse, the case is going to be a felony. Similarly, if the damage done to a vehicle is a minor dent, it is likely to be a misdemeanor. However, if the car is completely totaled, it might be a felony. Prosecutors and officers tend to charge the case as a felony and it is up to the Los Angeles Hit and Run attorney to negotiate the case to a lower misdemeanor. This is where years of experience and preparation come into use.

There are many different factors and variables at play in a Los Angeles Hit and Run case. Take the hassle and stress out of your life, and retain a Los Angeles attorney as soon as possible. They have the expertise and knowledge to efficiently handle the matter for you.