The Benefit of Your Los Angeles Hit and Run Lawyer’ Reputation to Your Case

If you have been suspected to have committed a Los Angeles Hit and Run, officers will contact you for a statement. They may contact you via telephone, letter or even come in person and request an interview. This interview is crucial, as all the statements that you give during it could be used as evidence against you. This statement will also determine whether prosecutors will file charges against you.

So why have an experienced and knowledgeable Los Angeles Hit and Run lawyer on your team? Well, for several different important reasons. First being that an attorney will appear at the interview with you, to assure that you only make statements that cannot be harmful to you in the future. They may guide the conversation so that it is cooperative and within procedure, but does not incriminate you in any way. This is the best kind of peace of mind you can get, rather than being anxious and nervous and making a statement that will assure charges against you.

Further, experienced attorneys, like those at Hoffman & Associates have been handling Hit and Run cases in the Los Angeles area for over thirty years. They know the officers and the prosecutors. This is especially crucial to your case, because knowing the officers helps attorneys predict the questions that will be asked, what answers will be appreciated, and what will help prevent charges altogether.

Let’s consider an example to fully grasp the benefits of having an attorney on your team. David has been suspecting of having committed a Hit and Run. He is sent a letter that requests him to appear for an interview with Officer Paul on a scheduled date and time. David immediately reaches out to a Hit and Run legal specialist, and retains their office. Fortunately for David, his attorney knows Officer Paul very well. His attorney knows that Officer Paul appreciates cooperativeness, versus elaborate reasons as to why the client is not guilty. He knows that Officer Paul is fair, but will ask hard questions pertaining to possible defense. Keeping all of this in mind, David’s attorneys rehearses the interview with David, he asks David hard questions, and he makes his own schedule available to accommodate Officer Paul’s scheduled interview date. When David and his attorney appear at the interview, Officer Paul is pleased to see David’s attorney. This is because Officer Paul has worked with David’s attorney on thousands of cases. He knows he can expect excellent legal work, cooperativeness, and efficient resolution of the case. David is not nervous, he is not anxious, he knows what to say, and he has his attorney with him.

Having an attorney who not only knows the legal procedure and system inside and out, but the key players as well ensures that there is a precedent already set before your case even comes before the system. It provides the officers and prosecutors with a positive viewpoint and ensures the best possible result you can get. This is all thanks to the attorney you hire. Give yourself that extra change, and ensure you get the best possible results. Contact Hoffman and Associates today!