Why do I need a Los Angeles Attorney for a Hit and Run case?

A lot of my clients during a consultation ask me why it is important to have a Los Angeles Criminal Defense attorney when they have been arrested for a hit and run case. While it may seem straightforward to appear before a judge, the benefit of a knowledgeable attorney representing you not only reduces your stress but may lead to a reduction or dismissal of your case.

An attorney is able to gather more information regarding the incident from the authorities rather than if you attempted to do so yourself due to the valuable reputation they have built with the many judges and prosecutors in Southern California. Such information like; How much damage was there?, was there injury to the other party? Were the injuries major or minor? These facts are crucial in preparing a powerful defense. Additionally an attorney can contact the opposite party and explore the option to compromise out of court. If the opposite party is willing to reach an agreement outside of court and will be reimbursed, the criminal defense attorney can prepare a civil compromise which greatly increases the chances of the criminal case being dropped.

An attorney can also give you valuable advice on what to say and when it is best to decline not only in court before the Judge but also to your insurance company. One such case that was handled by our office involved a case in which we had the charge reduced but the DMV refused to acknowledge this reduction insisting that they must charge high rates. After much discussion between the insurance company, DMV and our office we were able to reduce the rates to the normal amount.
The attorneys at Hoffman and Associates have had years of experience, and this experience is reflected in the expert manner with which we argue your case. Our thirty years of practice have given us a solid reputation among the courts of Southern California allowing us to extend this as a benefit to your case.

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