How Will I be Notified if I have Been Charged with a Los Angeles Hit and Run?

Generally, the nature of a Los Angeles Hit and Run is that the person who allegedly committed the crime is not at the scene. Officers have to piece together evidence from the scene and witnesses to find the alleged perpetrator of the Hit and Run. Oftentimes they can be wrong, and may suspect the wrong person. They will contact the person they believed to have committed the offense in several different ways.

  1. Phone call

The police department may contact you via telephone and request that you come down to the station to speak to them. Even if you are not the correct suspect, and have done nothing wrong, you should strongly consider having a Los Angeles Hit and Run attorney with you when you go down to the station. It might be a misunderstanding, officers may believe you are a witness, or may have evidence that can be rebutted by your statement.  Regardless, it is important to have an attorney with you so that you do not make any incriminating statements. Any statements that you may make during your meeting with the officers, despite your good intentions, can still be used against you if the matter goes to Court.

  1. Letter

You may receive a letter in the mail asking you to go to the police department and answer a few questions. As discussed earlier, you need to have an attorney present with you when you go in to speak to the police department.

  1. Visit

Officers may come visit you personally at your home if they believe you are a suspect and ask if they can question you. Unlike a letter or phone call, you do not have the opportunity to retain and have a lawyer present when officers simply show up at your doorstep. However, you always have a right to an attorney to be present when you are questioned. Officers are not going to give you a reading of your rights if they are not arresting you and are simply asking you questions. It is up to you to act proactively and to be aware of your rights. If officers appear at your door you do not have to answer questions right away. You can inform them that you would like to speak to a lawyer and have one present before you talk. This should be respected by the officers and you can schedule a separate time and date for them to come back. This should give you plenty of time to speak to lawyers and hire one that has plenty of experience.

If officers have reached out to you about a criminal offense in which they may believe you are connected, do not speak to the authorities without having an attorney in your corner. A simple statement can make a difference between a case getting dismissed and a case getting charged with you as the primary suspect. Contact a Los Angeles Hit and Run Lawyer as soon as possible!

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