Consequences of a San Diego Hit and Run

If you have been arrested for a San Diego Hit and Run it is highly advisable to seek the guidance and knowledge of an experienced San Diego Hit and Run lawyer. Consulting a lawyer immediately can help minimize the potential consequences as much as possible.

When you are arrested for a Hit and Run, you have not yet been charged. There are many things you can do to avoid charges with the help of an attorney. If you have already been charged there are certain potential consequences you may face, many of which may be lessened with the help of an attorney.

  1. Jail Time

If the charges are severe enough and rise to the level of a felony, there may be a jail sentence involved. An experienced Hit and Run lawyer will active quickly on your behalf to reach out to the person or persons who have been damaged by the alleged hit and run and to make amends as soon as possible. These amends come in the form of a civil compromise. An agreement between the parties who have been damaged and the alleged driver of the hit and run  that all costs and expenses of the damage has been paid for and the person who was injured does not wish to press further charges. This helps prosecutors see that the person being charged has taken action and is more likely to lead to a reduction or dismissal of charges.

  1. Probation

Many charges carry with it probation, whether there is a jail sentence or not. There is informal and formal probation. Formal probation requires that the person check in with an officer and comply by their rules. Informal probation does not require a check in, but it requires that the person not commit any criminal offenses during the period of their probation, or they can be charged with a probation violation.

  1. Insurance consequences

Many times insurance companies will raise rates and prices if you have been involved in a Hit and Run. The best way to avoid these increases is not have the Hit and Run charges dismissed or reduced with the help of a San Diego Criminal Attorney.

  1. Job and School Applications

If you are ultimately convicted of a misdemeanor or felony Hit and Run, you will need to report that to any institutions when applying for school or a job position.

These consequences can take a toll on all areas of your life and are worth fighting to have them dismissed or reduced. Working with a San Diego Hit and Run Attorney is the best possible step you could take for your future. If you are able to successfully fight any hit and run charges against you, you may be able to have them reduced or completely dismissed altogether. This is the absolute best plan of action for your mental well being as well as your future. Don’t hesitate, contact and speak to an experienced lawyer today!