Statements After a Los Angeles Hit and Run Arrest

If you have been arrested for the suspicion of having committed a Hit and Run in Los Angeles, it is important to remember that you have not yet been convicted. In order to be convicted a plea must be entered by either you or finding must be made by a jury. During the period between charges being pressed against and a conviction actually being found, there is lots of room for negotiation and reduction of charges.

Certain actions you take during this period of time can help strengthen your case for dismissal or reduced charges, and certain actions you take can make the situation worse. That is why retaining a Los Angeles Hit and Run lawyer early on in the case is helpful. A legal expert will know exactly what steps to take and how to guide you so that you act only in a manner that increases your chances of dismissal and reduction.

One important aspect action that many of our clients take that can help make or break their case is in statements they give to police officers, their own insurance company, and the other party’s insurance company. These statements are extremely important and should be made carefully, after consulting with an attorney.

  1. Statements made to police officers

Officers generally contact potential hit and run offenders by either telephone, correspondence or in person. They want more information and to get a statement from the alleged driver. This helps them prepare their report. This report is then submitted to prosecutors to make a determination of whether formal Hit and Run charges will be filed against the person.

That is why the statement you give is so important, it can provide officers with what they need to make their case stronger. If you are in this situation and officers request a statement from you, it is best to let your Los Angeles Hit and Run attorney make the statement for you. The attorney has years of experience and knows what to say and what information should not be shared.

  1. Statements made to your insurance company

Statements made to your own insurance company are very important because they are the basis of the insurance company’s decision to pay for damages or injuries to any other party of the accident. It makes s determination of whether you will be personally liable or if will be covered by insurance. If you are denied coverage, it could draw out the entire process. This can make or break the difference between a quick and easy resolution. When it comes to a Hit and Run, fault is not an issue. The issue is leaving the scene after an accident, not whether it was your fault or not.

It is best to seek the guidance of an attorney regarding what you should say to your own insurance company, or have your attorney speak directly to the insurance company if possible.

  1. Statements made to the other party(s) insurance company

You have absolutely no obligation to make any statements to the other party(s) insurance company. Doing so may actually hurt your case. Everyone has a responsibility to provide a statement to their own insurance company, but you do not need to provide one to the other party’s.

These are tips and general information as to statements made after a Los Angeles Hit and Run arrest. The best possible plan and strategy is to consult with a Los Angeles Hit and Run lawyer to develop a specific game plan as to the statements you should and should not make based on the specific facts of your case.